Research Strategy Statement

The NZG aims to undertake strategic, innovative short and long term interdisciplinary basic and applied research aggregated into core research programmes and knowledge hubs in cooperation with other zoological gardens, conservation agencies, academic and other institutions in order to contribute to viable wildlife populations within the biodiversity conservation landscape.

National Research Facility

The NZG is a declared National Research Facility of the National Research Foundation and has to comply to certain criteria:

  • Generate projects on fundamental and applied research, data gathering through information analysis and technology development
  • Provide access for researchers to its facility
  • Assist innovative utilization by researchers or research institutions of the platforms and capacities
  • Be open to the entire research community across the national science system
  • Provide appropriate resourcing of research platforms
  • Maximize targeted international linkages and networks

Core functions

In order for the Research Department to achieve its research strategy, the following core functions were identified:

  • Knowledge generation for conservation
  • Building research capacity through post graduate training
  • Partnerships with researchers and institutions
  • Provide research facilities and infrastructure to the research community

Research High Level Objectives

Promote world class research and enhance human capacity

National Research Foundation Strategic Goals:

  • Internationally competitive science, technology & innovation system
  • World class science benchmarking and grant systems
  • Representative research & technical workforce in SA

Undertake, facilitate and coordinate high quality, competitive research

National Research Foundation Strategic Goals:

  • Representative research & technical workforce in SA
  • Vibrant national science system

Establish information platforms and a skills base

National Research Foundation Strategic Goals:

  • Leading edge research, technology and innovation platforms
  • Vibrant national science system



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