The National Zoo runs various programmes emphasising the value of a healthy environment to build a prosperous South Africa.

The NZG increases learners’ awareness of life science, biodiversity and its conservation via dynamic and interactive learning opportunities. These structured learning and teaching programmes are aligned with the National Curriculum Statement and the educational levels of participants. Some of these are available daily to visiting schools, while other (called themed lessons) are facilitated during certain times of the year only. Lessons are also facilitated during science festivals.

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School programmes

The NZG’s daily lessons are facilitated to school groups visiting the zoo from Mondays to Fridays. Schools are encouraged to book for these lessons, but many schools arrive unannounced.

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Youth courses

These youth courses are presented to learners in Grades 8 – 12. These activity-filled courses introduce learners to the wider field of the bio-sciences, conservation and biodiversity.

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The purpose of the Animal Collections and Conservation Department is to oversee all management and husbandry aspects relating to the animal collections of the NZG, and to promote and conduct conservation activities that focus on population sustainability in ex situ as well as in situ environments.

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On having completed the Bio-Science course, children are invited to join the ZooClub. This is a life science club which offers a variety of activities and projects to create a better understanding of nature and the environment as well as exposing members to career choices.

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Adopt an animal

Have you ever wanted to own your very own wild animal? Well here is your chance – adopt an animal of your choice at the NZG and be their proud parent for a year.

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Did you know vultures feed on carrion (dead carcasses) and do not kill their own prey? Their feet are weak and better suited to walking on the ground than to picking up prey