Have you ever wanted to own your very own wild animal? Well here is your chance – adopt an animal of your choice at the NZG and be their proud parent for a year.

For a small adoption fee you will be helping to do big things for both your animal and the zoo. All the animals on display at the NZG are available for adoption. Adoption fees range from R150 to R1 230 per animal per year, and there are additional benefits depending on the category of animal you choose.

What does adopting an animal include?

Free entrance tickets to the zoo, a personalised certificate of adoption and continuous adoption support. For adoptions of R 1 500 or more, benefits include the erection of a sign with your name/organisation and the name you have chosen for your adopted animal next to their enclosure and a minimum R 2 000 will be applicable to new adopters.

Children’s Adopt-an-Animal Club

The NZG also has an Adopt-an-Animal Children’s Club, known as the Mbani Club. This adoption service has a specially selected list of animals ideally suited to children’s tastes, from which the child is free to choose their favourite animal. Children’s Club adoptions cost a standard fee of R100, which includes free entry to the zoo to visit their animal and a personalised adoption certificate.

The story behind the NZG adoption programme

Heloise Stanworth has been running the ‘Adopt an Animal Programme’ for a number of years and is pleased to report that adoption numbers are increasing steadily. She is happy to help interested members of the public make the perfect choice from the many exotic and colourful animals found at the NZG.

All individuals, organisations, schools and corporates are encouraged to adopt a wild child – for just a small adoption fee you can enjoy owning your very own wild animal for a whole year!

Adoption packages

View the special adoption packages available to individuals and companies.

Adoption application

Please download and complete our Wild Child Adoption form below and email it to H.Stanworth@sanbi.org.za

ADOPTION FORM – Download a copy, complete and use the “Save as” function in your PDF reader

Please contact the National Zoo on infonzg@sanbi.org.za for more information.



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