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Published on: 11 May 2021

I did the junior courses in December 2019, finished with Grade 11. An important year in which my marks had to be good enough for University to register for the field of study of my choice early 2020 (Grade 12).

Thought I would just follow a nice holiday program in December before my matric year kicks off, but also to make a choice in a field of study.
There were interesting lectures every day and we worked in groups, exploring the zoo.

As we went through, we came across information we did not know. What was very nice to me was the fact that you had contact with the animals.
My favourite moment was when I cleaned the penguins’ cages, met Button the penguin and helped feed the birds.

You learn interesting things behind the scenes of the zoo such as:
• Handling and caring of animals.
• Cleaning of cages.
• The preparation and feeding of meals.
• Behind the scenes operation of the zoo and the Aquarium:
• Preparation for each animal’s natural environment
• Water is replaced and tested, even salt water for the marine animals.

At the end of the week/program all groups did research on a specific animal and presented it to the class. It is very interesting with lots of fun and new friendships formed.

If you love nature and animals, this is a program you cannot miss.
The junior conservation program finally made me decide to study Zoology and with great joy, I was approved for 2021.

This program is under the care and supervision of Mr. Parks Leshaba and his team who has a great passion and pride in their work and environment.

Make sure you register for the next upcoming course.


René Arlow



Did you know vultures feed on carrion (dead carcasses) and do not kill their own prey? Their feet are weak and better suited to walking on the ground than to picking up prey