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Published on: 18 June 2021

National Zoological Garden’s (NZG) ZooClub members, Sthobiso Mtshweni and Golden Mthimunye, from Ndzundza Mabhoko Secondary School in Mpumalanga, each got six distinctions in their 2020 Matric results.

The efforts of the ZooClub programme through the blended learning approach to support members during the hard lockdown has paid dividend. The quest and commitment from different stakeholders to support the ZooClub members contributed significantly to their achievements.  

The Chief Director of the NZG, Mr Leslie Mudimeli, invited the top achievers of the 2020 matric class to acknowledge and encourage them as they enter a new phase in their lives.

The programme has established a tracking tool to monitor and support our members moving into the future. We are committed to providing quality education as informed by the Sustainable Development Goal and presented by the UNDP (United Nations Developmental Programme).


Elephant seal

Elephant Seals can hold their breath for up TWO HOURS! But how? Well, seals have more blood in their bodies than any other animal and, since oxygen is stored and carried around the body in blood, it allows them to hold their breath for an extra long time.