Capacity: 100 to 250 guests
Dance floor: Large dance floor available

Large two-storey thatch roof venue overlooking the Savannah animal waterhole, large dance floor, and built-in bar. Your late afternoon function will allow your guests to watch the sun setting over the African savannah while herds of antelope come to drink at the waterhole.

A lovely chapel, bridal dressing room and honeymoon suite are additional venues attached to the Waterhole – the perfect wedding setting. The Chapel seats up to 200 guests. Chapel venue hire, does not include flowers or candles. Honeymoon suite includes a complimentary tea and coffee service, light continental breakfast and a complimentary bottle of wine. Checkout by 10:00.


blue blooded creatures

Unlike mammals, spiders, snails and octopi have blue blood. This is because the hemocyanin molecule that oxygen is bound to in these animals contains copper, which gives their blood the blue colour