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Published on: 15 February 2017

The Primate section keepers recently visited Bester Birds & Animal Zoo Park as part of a Teambuilding and Training Program. The team wanted to see how other organizations care for their animals, what challenges they are facing and how they address their challenges. The team also wanted to share information and ideas and assist the park for the day.

The team was divided into two groups, who visited the park on different days. The first group visited on 26 October 2016 (one conservator, 3 animal attendants and the curator) and the second group visited on the 23 November 2016 (two conservators, 3 animal attendants and the curator).

The team had to find at least 5 positive things about the place they visited and also 5 things that needed urgent attention, share diets and other husbandry ideas as well as look at safety issues.

Very positive feedback was received from both the NZG team and the Bester Birds team. It was great to see how the teams pull together to come up with ideas on how to address issues around animal husbandry and safety! Both teams walked away with fresh ideas and new contacts to share more information with.

By: Carin Cloete, Curator: Primates and Australian Section


Elephant seal

Elephant Seals can hold their breath for up TWO HOURS! But how? Well, seals have more blood in their bodies than any other animal and, since oxygen is stored and carried around the body in blood, it allows them to hold their breath for an extra long time.