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Published on: 24 June 2017

China’s air pollution levels are one of the worst in the world and are rapidly worsening.
This comes despite attempts to clean up the country. The country is home to nearly four-billion people.

According to a report released by the Hebei local government officials are trying to combat smog and pollution in the region by planting a “necklace” of trees around Beijing.

The Hebei region is known for its coal producing factories that create pollution that is the cause of Beijing’s thick fog. Authorities have tried fining companies and investing in green energy. But now it seems they have turned to Mother Nature for help.

The green necklace plan was recently announced and aims to increase forest cover on the hills surrounding China’s capital. 

A report published on the Hebei government’s provincial website says that ventilation corridors are needed to blow the smog away. Still winds have been blamed for increasing smog in Beijing, and five large ventilation corridors have been planned (approximately 480m wide) to run through the city.

Studies show that trees can reduce smog by intercepting particles that already exist in the air, and can also lower air temperature by evapotranspiration.



Elephant seal

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